Regeneration ecology of riparian trees

We will study how hydrology, the major structuring force in riparian environments, influences tree growth and regeneration mode (vegetative vs. seed based). We have undertaken a spatial survey of growth forms and associated regeneration strategies along a hydrological gradient to yield insights into flooding regimes required for desired vegetation structures (e.g. structural complexity for lowland Leadbeater’s Possum habitat provision).

Funky tree

A cool Eucalyptus camphora tree within the Cockatoo Swamp showing off its ability to regenerate vegetatively.

Furthermore, we will investigate recovery mechanisms from induced physical disturbance via coppicing. This trial will test best practice for management interventions to promote vegetative regrowth in the absence of appropriate disturbance regimes and thus limited regeneration.

coppiced paperbark - Copy

Vegetative growth from a coppiced Melaleuca squarrosa tree